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Go-Karts, Batting Cages, Arcades, Indoor Inflatables, Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag

Family Fun Center Insurance or FEC Insurance from Cossio Insurance is always something that you just can't wait to shop for! Kind of like having a root canal in 30 days! At Cossio Insurance we work hard for you as insurance brokers, representing you, not the companies.

We do your family fun center insurance shopping for you. We will find the program that best suits your Family Fun Center business. We take look at several factors when shopping for the best quote for you. These factors include where your facility is located, your gross revenue and the amusement devices and attractions that your entertainment center offers. We only write insurance with "A" rated carriers. So if you are in the market for a new family fun center insurance program, you have come to the experts.We are always trying to get you the lowest premium possible and the best coverage for general liability, accident medical, property, and workers compensation coverage. Just download the applications and fax them back to us. Or if you have any questions give us a call.